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November 11, 2015

Featured Speaker:

Mary Raitano and Cindy Munford

Worried about the current or future rental situation in Akron, OH? Wondering how to locate tenants to fill your rentals?  Come to our November meeting as we welcome our speakers, Mary Raitano and Cindy Munford from the International Institute. Mary is the Director of Refugee Resettlement and she will give an overview on what they do at the Institute. Mary will address where immigrants and refugees come from, whose next, how many we expect to come to the Akron area, types of services they provide, etc. In addition, she will discuss the process on how the U. S. Govt. evaluates who can come, how they screen, and why it takes sometimes years to come to the U.S..

Also, we will hear from Cindy Munford who is the Refugee Resettlement Specialist/Housing Coordinator who will address their housing needs and what their guidelines are when seeking housing for new arrivals.

In addition,  join us for a pizza Benefit for 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. As you know, the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law recently won a huge case in Portsmouth, OH finding Landlord Registration and Inspections unconstitutional. To support further legal work in this fight, which benefits all landlords, ACREIA will host a pizza fundraiser at our November monthly meeting.

Arrive at 6:30 pm, and for a $10 donation you can eat delicious pizza, and help 1851 Center For Constitutional Law help you!

So make sure you come early because you won’t want to miss either one of these speakers or the networking opportunity!

General Meetings –   Visitors – $20 individual/$30 couple (First-time visitors FREE)

LOCATION – Knights of Columbus Hall, 2055 Glenmount Ave., Akron, OH 44319

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Tenant Magic

A/CREIA has partnered with TenantMagic to provide you with a rental application program that includes comprehensive background, credit and eviction screening with a TransUnion SmartMove recommendation. There is no charge to A/CREIA landlords or property managers. Applicants pay TenentMagic’s fee.

Click on the link to register or go to tenantmagic.net to get more information. You can also contact Jay Apple 216.288.5044 if you have any questions. https://www.tenantmagic.net/akron_canton_reia/

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The Akron/Canton REIA is a non-profit group dedicated to the development, support and professionalism of area investors. A/CREIA provides an opportunity for networking, legislative updates and educational benefits to members. Information is offered by local speakers, national experts and by the networking opportunities that make up a major part of our meetings.

Ohio Property Owners

State law now requires owners of rental property to register with their county auditor’s office. Owner addresses, phone numbers, and the addresses of properties they rent must be provided to county government.Information is to be used to contact or find rental property owners who have seriously neglected or abandoned their properties, and will be made available to the public. Failure to register is a minor misdemeanor and results in a $150 fine. Currently there is no registration deadline.Click here to download Summit County Rental Property Registration

Our Mission:To educate members. To exchange information in the area of real estate investment with respect to financial techniques, services, home improvements and repairs, contractors, material supplies, tenant management and other areas which are of interest to the members.

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